Message From Our Founders

When we came together in April 2009…

to start the el-Tawhid Juma Circle as manifested in the Toronto Unity Mosque it was with the intention of creating an inclusive tawhidic Muslim identified prayer space where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated and not just given lip service: where the inherent dignity of every human being regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, linguistic group, dis/ability, religion or class is recognized as Allah-given as underscored in the Qur’anic declaration that Allah is closer to each one of us than our own jugular vein, without distinction.

el-Tawhid Juma Circle is Human Positive in that its foundation is that all humans are equal agents of Allah in all aspects of ritual practice. Since May 2009, the Toronto Unity Mosque has been meeting every Friday for congregational prayer. Our service exemplifies the notion of shared authority as jamaat members take turns in giving the call to prayer, delivering the sermon and leading the prayer. Our service is accessible by skype as some of our members are isolated due to health, geography or conscience.

Our mosques are places of ritual and spiritual healing for everyone – regardless of whether they identify as Muslim or not. Since May 2009, eTJC has inspired, resourced and/ or helped establish 9 similar communities in North America.

Our website t – is designed as a gateway resource center for our global jamaat including those who wish to start similar or eTJC affiliated mosque spaces. 

We invite you join us on Friday afternoons as you are able, in person, by skype or in spirit. We look forward to the day, inshAllah, when there is an inclusive mosque like eTJC in every city.